Signs of a Healthy Rabbitry

A visit to the rabbit breeder’s facilities should tell you about their standards and if you want a bunny from them. A clean rabbitry is a healthy rabbitry so just have a look around and think about the following questions:

  • Is everything clean? Is the housing well maintained?
  • Do the rabbits look healthy?
  • Do the rabbits have food and fresh water?  Are the feeders and bottles clean?
  • Is there a strange odor? Does it smell unpleasant?
  • Do they have a fly problem?

If you answered “no” to the first three sets of questions and “yes” to the last two, leave and find another breeder. These rabbits are not being taken care of and you are likely to bring home a sick or diseased rabbit instead of a strong, healthy one.

You want a breeder that keeps good records about their rabbits and can tell you exactly what sort of blood line the rabbit(s) you buy are coming from. They should be willing to send you references and stand behind the stock they are selling.

The breeder should also be able to provide you with a written pedigree of your rabbit’s heritage. It does not need to be anything fancy, but should provide information about the sire and dam, the grand sire and dam and even the great grand sire and dam of your rabbit. It should also include weight, color and breed of these rabbits, and may be something as simple as a hand-written form — or a computer generated printout.

A breeder of this quality will also be able to help you should something go awry.

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  1. Bennette says:

    We have two Dwartf Rabbits, one all white and the other is black. They are about two years. Adopted them from a family that had bought them for their children for Easter but the children lost interest. Now we are looking for a home for them because we can no longer care for them. Cody and BJ are both males, very cute, healthy and have their own hutch. We just want a good home for them. PH: 951-765-5506. If you know anyone close to us, pass along. Thank you.

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